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The Hitchhiker was a television series mystery anthology that aired from 1983 to 1987 on HBO, First Choice (The Movie Network) in Canada and 1989 to 1990 on the USA Network.

Each episode is introduced and concluded by a mysterious wanderer known only as "The Hitchhiker," and explores the foibles of humanity and its dark spirit. The title character was played by Nicholas Campbell from 1983-1984 (3 episodes), and Page Fletcher from 1984-1990 (82 episodes).

The series was a Canada/United States/France co-production. It was filmed in Vancouver&Toronto, Ontario, Canada and France.The Show was produced by Corazon Productions (Season 1 Three Episodes) Quintina Productions (Seasons 2-4 Thirty-Six Episodes) Atlantique & Quintina Productions (Seasons 5-6 Forty-Seven Episodes).

In 1996, The Hitchhiker entered syndication and was re-edited (to remove the violence and/or nudity/sexuality that were featured on the HBO runs), They would also re-shoot the first three Nicholas Campbell episodes with Page Fletcher to preserve continuity during the syndication runs. The Hitchhiker was syndicated by Rysher up until 2000.
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