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Hoops and Yoyo are a pair of animated characters featured on Hallmark Cards. The website features E-cards, animated episodes, desktop and phone wallpapers, audio snippets, IM icons, fan photos, interactive monthly calendars, blog, podcast, and merchandise available for purchase.

The storylines center around two main characters: Hoops, a pink cat, and Yoyo, a green bunny, and also feature a few other humorous characters joining them. It shows their usual antics in a "Slice of Life" matter.

They were created by Bob Holt and Mike Adair.

Hoops - The more emotional of the two, Hoops is a pink cat that has a tendency to scream as he talks. He hates Mondays as seen on the "It's Monday" e-card and based on others, it's possible that he's not very fond of his current career. He is also the first character to appear in the series originally with a slightly higher-pitched voice. His first e-card appearance was on "No Ordinary 'Hi!'". He states his weight as "depends on a finely-balanced equation of the time of day and the amount of cakes consumed." He stays in shape "by having dance offs with Yoyo" and likes "coffee, doughnuts, laughing, cakes, ice cream, pizza, Tuesdays (as it's treat day) ... TREATS!" He says his worst habit is "talking a LOT!" and he hates nearly everything to do with his job.

Yoyo - Unlike Hoops, the green bunny is slightly more playful and energetic with less of an over-sensitive personality. He also seems to actually enjoy his current job. He loves lollipops or "suckers" which Hoops often hides, then blaming the thievery on dingos. Yoyo's first e-card appearance was on "This Day...Your Birthday!" Yoyo wishes "that every day was treat day" and claims his occupation is "to captivate the nation with dazzling dance moves and beat Hoops in doughnut-eating competitions." His favorite pastime is singing, though he doubts Hoops is as good as him, and he stays in shape "by shakin' my groove thing, baby." He likes the same things as Hoops as well as marshmallows and doesn't like not getting the last slice of cake.
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