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Hamtaro is a children's anime television program. The main character is the eponymous hamster named Hamtaro. The anime is based on Ritsuko Kawai's storybooks. Supporting characters include a large clan of hamsters, known as the Ham-Hams. Hamtaro is owned by a girl named Laura Haruna (Hiroko Haruna or "Roko-chan" in Japanese version). The show also features the household's dog, Brandy (Brandon in the Japanese version). Hamtaro is licensed by Viz Media in North America, who dubbed it in a mildly censored format aimed at a younger audience.

The original series ended on March 31, 2006 in Japan. As of April 5, 2006, a series known as Norisuta Hai began airing five minute Hamtaro episodes known as "Tottoko Hamutaro: Norisuta Hai!" The Norisuta Hai series is animated differently from the original series, most notably how the head-to-body ratio is off, and is designed to appeal to a younger audience. There does not seem to be any connection between Tottoko Hamutaro and Tottoko Hamutaro: Norisuta Haai beyond the planned appearance of all fifteen original Ham-Hams.
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